Eurotech Design: MYOB Advanced Business
the foundation to building a great business

Powerful ERP system: easily manages high volume of order transactions
Inventory management: workflow automated to remove manual order processing
Cloud-based: system accessible across the wider business

What started as an investment opportunity has also become a labour of love for Sophia Bristow, Managing Director of Eurotech Design. Established in 1996, the business imports and distributes world-leading, designer appliance brands to some of the biggest retailers in New Zealand’s marketplace. Sophia’s ambition has always been to build a great company and to do that, you need great systems.

With MYOB Advanced Business, Eurotech Design is set for a bright future. Enhanced inventory management and increased reporting capabilities mean it can continue to grow and provide New Zealand retailers with world-leading brands.

“Our aspiration is to double in size over the next two years and having a good system with good processes allows us to focus on our growth strategy and customer care.”

Decades-old system “no longer fit for purpose”

For 20 years, Eurotech Design had been running an Oracle system called Prime. The team spent a lot of time and effort trying to make the system work for them until one day “we realised the system was no longer fit for purpose.”

“Having good-quality information is paramount, and the old system wasn’t doing that for us,” Sophia explains.

As a wholesaler, Eurotech Design works with multiple retail chains and stores across New Zealand, which comes with “a huge volume of transactions.” They might not be large dollar amounts, but there’s a lot of them, Sophia adds.

MYOB Advanced Business: cloud-based and intuitive

One of the first things that struck Sophia about MYOB Advanced Business was how userfriendly the system is. “We were given some training before implementation and on go-live day, our team fully embraced the change. Because the front-end was so intuitive, we were able to start using it right away.”

Being cloud-based, the platform is securely accessible from anywhere and there’s room for the business to scale – without worrying about systems and processes failing under pressure.

“MYOB Advanced Business is a very good system, it’s just what we needed and it’s working well for us.”

Strong inventory management – “this is where MYOB does it so well”

The company previously had significant gaps in its inventory management workflow, and operationally, “that was a big risk for us.” With the old system, every part of the process was an isolated module which had adverse effects on inventory control – and knowing what stock was heading out the door.

Sophia says if there’s one area where MYOB Advanced Business shines, it’s inventory management.

“The whole inventory management process in MYOB Advanced Business is very well done and that’s been a major improvement for our warehouse team.

“We now have an accurate audit trail for every order and implementing user permissions will give us even more control over our inventory.”

Faster processing, better retail experience

Eurotech Design receives a monthly replenishment order from each of its retail partners. Previously, the orders were processed manually, taking two days of a person’s time.

Now, orders automatically go straight into MYOB Advanced Business and get processed within a matter of minutes. From there, the retailer is sent an automated invoice, almost eliminating any manual processing. There’s less chance for errors, and less time waiting on deliveries. Sophia says that’s good news for the business but creates an even better experience for retailers.

The right system and the right support

Carl Ferner of BDO Information Systems Ltd first met Sophia and Shawn Bristow in 2018 after they had acquired the Eurotech business.

“Eurotech had inherited a legacy system which was no longer fit for purpose. We undertook a systems selection review to recommend a new ERP system to meet their business growth aspirations” Carl recalls.

BDO recommended the MYOB Advanced platform as it was going to take their business to the next level and had the capabilities they needed where the old system was lacking.

“We implemented during 2019/2020 and we continue to provide ongoing systems support to Eurotech Design to this day. The main benefits of MYOB Advanced have been the ability to keep better track of stock, including much more robust processes around tracking orders and shipments, which don’t rely on paper!”

Carl acknowledges that MYOB has been key in streamlining Eurotech’s business processes and has proven that Eurotech made the right choice with MYOB to future-proof their business.

Next steps: refining the system to get even more value

When it comes to time saved, Sophia says the greatest improvement has been in customer services “where orders now don’t require manual processing.” The next step is to automate financial reporting, and Sophia expects to see even more time-saving improvements, particularly for the finance team.

“Automated reporting will save 20-40% of the time we spend currently on pulling together reports. It means we’ll be able to focus on more value-add, high-level strategic tasks.”

“I’m really happy with where the business is and where we’re heading. We’ve got some good people in our business, and now a great system with MYOB Advanced Business.”

Systems set for double the success

• Established in 1996, Eurotech Design is an importer and distributor of designer appliance brands to some of New Zealand’s biggest retailers. Its ambition is to double its growth over the next two years.

• With MYOB Advanced Business, Eurotech Design is set for a bright future – with greater inventory management and increased reporting capabilities – where it can continue to provide New Zealand retailers with world-leading brands.

Improvements since MYOB Advanced Business

• Powerful ERP system easily manages high volume of order transactions

• Inventory management workflow automated to remove manual order processing

• Detailed reporting capabilities provide high-level, real-time insights for informed decision-making.

• Cloud-based: system accessible across the wider business

• Flexibility: room to grow and add more modules as needed

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