Powerful workforce management solution

Deputy Rostering is designed to streamline scheduling that takes into account availability, skills, and labour laws. Achieve precise time and attendance tracking, minimizing errors. Empower teams with smooth shift swapping and automated notifications. Ensure seamless compliance and access real-time insights for data-driven efficiency.

Deputy Rostering – simplifying the way you manage your workforce.

Deputy Scheduling

Schedule your team in minutes

  • Scheduling the appropriate staff at optimal times, spanning various roles or locations. Seamlessly fill shifts considering factors such as employee availability, training, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Distribute employee schedules directly to your team through desktop or mobile channels. Ensure that any schedule changes are promptly communicated by requesting confirmation, guaranteeing that staff stays informed of updates.
  • In case of a sick leave, effortlessly locate a qualified replacement without the need for phone calls or texts. Allow employees to seamlessly exchange shifts with eligible team members.

Precision in recording employee work hours through software and mobile application

  • Monitor employee time and attendance effortlessly through a user-friendly app.
  • Streamline the collection and verification of timesheets.
  • Automate intricate payroll calculations with ease.
  • Integrate timesheet app data seamlessly with the payroll system.
  • Access real-time attendance information conveniently.

Navigate to the Reports page to access default reports ready for execution.

  • Reports available include:

    • Attendance Report by Employee
    • Attendance Report by Location
    • Contact Tracing Report
    • Journal Usage
    • Leave Management
    • Custom Report Builder (Beta)
    • Schedule vs Timesheets vs Sales
    • Team Member Details
    • Time Off & Schedules
    • Team Member Timesheet Location
    • Shift Pulse – Team Member Engagement
    • Pay Comparison Report

Integrate Deputy Rostering with your Payroll system

Optimize your workforce management with a seamless integration of Deputy rostering and your Payroll system. Effortlessly synchronize employee schedules, attendance data, and work hours, ensuring a smooth transition from rostering to payroll processing. By combining these robust tools, you can enhance accuracy, save time, and streamline your payroll operations for increased efficiency. Elevate your workforce management experience with the Deputy and Payroll integration.


Easy to use time clock app

  • Capture your work hours effortlessly with Deputy. Simplify the process for staff to precisely record their hours and breaks. Whether using an on-site tablet, computer, or phone, employees can effortlessly clock in and out, and our software will automatically generate a record
  • Authenticate time and attendance data to guarantee accuracy. Employees can provide evidence of their presence at the designated time and place through a GPS location stamp on mobile devices or touch-free facial verification on tablets for added security
  • Grant approval and export effortlessly to streamline employee administration, freeing up valuable time for business priorities. Managers can efficiently approve timesheets, either individually or in bulk. With just a single tap, seamlessly export data to your payroll software for a swift and efficient process

Easy shift swapping

  • In the event that an employee is unable to fulfill their assigned shift, they have the option to directly exchange it with a suitable team member through the Deputy app, minimizing the need for extensive communication with managers
  • Managers can promptly review and authorize shift exchanges within the Deputy app, or they can permit staff to swap without explicit approval, provided the exchange adheres to established rules
  • In the case of staff calling in sick or failing to show up, managers can instantly present their shift to all eligible and accessible team members with a single click. This ensures a rapid shift fill without the need for multiple phone calls

Empower your team with the tools to work from anywhere

  • Effortless Shift Management: Easily start, end, and manage shifts directly from your mobile device, ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Real-time Schedule Access: Stay informed about upcoming shifts, view schedules, and communicate availability conveniently on the go.
  • Flexible Leave Submission: Submit leave requests and communicate unavailability directly through the mobile app, streamlining the process for both employees and managers.
  • Task Organization: Efficiently manage tasks by reviewing, creating, and completing them directly from your mobile device, promoting productivity and collaboration.
  • Adaptive Timesheet Control: Review, amend, and create ad-hoc timesheets with ease, providing flexibility and accuracy in recording work hours.
  • Shift Visibility: Gain insights into who’s currently working, scheduled, or running late, enhancing team coordination and awareness.
  • Multiple Location Support: If you work across different locations, use the app to select and view teams in various locations, ensuring comprehensive visibility for employees with diverse work settings.

User-friendly software for dependable break planning and compliance

  • Plan the appropriate breaks for your team, encompassing both paid and unpaid breaks, as well as various break types within a single shift
  • Ensure that employees take their designated breaks at the scheduled times. Identify any overlooked breaks and initiate automatic requests for employee confirmation
  • Establish a transparent record of break adherence. Deputy captures all break details, ensuring a secure and precise documentation

Integrated business systems that are easy to use keep your information flowing seamlessly.Discover an improved approach to conducting business with Deputy Rostering