Integrated Point of Sale Systems

Integrated point-of-sale solutions designed to help you deliver an unparalleled customer experience

Provide your retail stores with the ability to provide customers timely information on stock across locations with integrated point of sale (POS) systems. Make shopping with you more convenient for customers by offering online pick-up from any store, manage returns/exchanges, and easily raise/redeem store credits and gift vouchers.


View stock in other stores or warehouses to point the customer in the right location, or even request a transfer.

Online pick-up

Offer your customers the option to order online and pick-up in store when the time is right for them.


Reward your customers for shopping with you by enabling automatic loyalty/reward schemes to keep them coming back.

In-store reporting

Easily view reports on each store's performance right down to the individual sales rep, right from within your POS.

Live stock

Manage stock in-store within the POS by requesting transfers, placing purchase orders and checking live levels.


Readily integrate your back-end system with your retail stores for ultimate oversight over your business.

Pop-up stores

Plan and execute pop-up stores with ease and record all sales and stock movements from within your POS.

Integrated payments

Connect payment terminals with your POS to eliminate human-error at checkout, and print receipts for customers.


Deliver on your policies and offer customers returns/exchanges. Sync all sales data across POS systems for service.


Cin7 comes bundled with a POS that is deeply integrated with the back-end inventory system. Cin7 POS provides all of the functionality you would come to expect including gift vouchers and automated loyalty. Cin7 POS also offers in-store online pickup.

An easy to use cloud based point-of-sale solution that nicely integrates into inventory management systems to provide up-to-date stock information in store. Vend POS provides an intuitive interface with a minimal learning curve.


Shopify POS is offered as an extension to the Shopify e-Commerce platform and offers an intuitive user experience. Shopify POS integrates with any system that already connects with Shopify, so it is possible to sync orders with ease.

Pair your POS solution with robust integrated inventory systems

Inventory management is at the heart of any retailer, which is why it is important to have the right solution powering your business. Supercharge your POS by integrating into an inventory system, and deliver a world-class customer experience.

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