We love to work with businesses that buy, sell and produce quality products

The unique benefit of working with ALTSHIFT is having access to consultants with specific industry expertise. We constantly refine our service to suit various business verticals aiming to gain a deeper understanding of our clients processes. Now our track record of successful projects, speaks for itself.


Multi-store, e-commerce, pop up and traditional fashion brands use our solution to seamlessly manage the Point of Sale, setup product catalogues, monitor inventory levels, replenish branches and process online orders. Connect via EDI or Marketplace connections to automate orders.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesalers and Distributors use our solution to manage complex inventory across all of their locations (or stock sitting in a 3PL Provider’s location). Give your customers more choice with automated ordering through an integrated B2B portal, and transact instantly with your high volume customers/suppliers with EDI solutions.

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Manufacturers use our end-to-end solution to manage their production supply chain, allowing them to closely manage procurement costs of raw materials through increased visibility.

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Food & Beverage

Breweries, wineries, central kitchens and food producers use Cin7, Unleashed or Dear to manage the production process and integrate with sales channels. Bill of Materials take into account the costs of production to accurately report on margins and stock on hand.

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Brick and mortar operators use our solution to seamlessly manage sales, products, stock and more across all warehouses and retail stores. Integrated back office solutions allow full visibility into your retail operation.

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E-Commerce & Omni-Channel

Omni-channel retailers use our solution to manage complex inventory across all of their locations. With sales from all retail/e-commerce channels automatically synchronising, fulfilment and dispatch is streamlined and centralised.

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