Intelligent inventory management

Cloud ERP platforms to help you scale your product business

Consolidate the many facets of your product business into a cloud ERP solution that fits your needs now and as you scale. Build the framework to easily sell into new markets, and provide a full over-arching view of your business performance.


Integrate all of your e-Commerce and marketplace platforms into a unified source of truth. Manage everything from customers, orders, products and stock centrally.


Plug your inventory business into cloud-based accounting packages like Xero or QuickBooks Online and automatically sort transactions into their respective GL accounts/tracking categories.


Provide your B2B sales team with the tools and rich data they need to close deals faster. Feed across information to provide reps insight into how their customers are interacting with the business.

Streamline purchasing

Gain a deeper understanding of your margins by tracking landed costs such as freight, duty and other fees to ensure you are profitable across your entire product range.

Real-time stock levels

Get up-to-the-minute insight into your stock levels across retail locations, e-commerce channels, warehouses and 3PL locations to ensure you have stock where it needs to be.

Maintain accuracy

Readily perform stocktakes and cycle counts to maintain stock accuracy, and easily report on stock variances to find problems in your operational processes and identify retail shrinkage.

Centralised product list

Maintain a centralised product database across your POS, wholesale portal and e-Commerce stores to minimise double data entry and ensure accurate listings.

Review pricing strategy

With up-to-the-minute margin information, easily review pricing across all channels. With a centralised product list, all pricing changes take effect across your business.

Complex products

Tools to manage any variants such as colour and size, down to tracking batches and serial numbers. Your cloud ERP solution takes the guesswork out of product management.

Customer management

Keep a record of your customers to track every time they buy, and group them based on type for reporting purposes.

Supplier management

Store all of your supplier data in a centralised database to perform reporting. Ensure each order is accounted for.

Contract pricing

Handle custom pricing structures for individual customers with ease using advanced promotional matrixes.


Enterprise level inventory control with in-built POS, B2B, 3PL and EDI. Perfect for omni-channel suppliers & multi-store retailers. Pick, pack and dispatch, integrate with couriers, create complex sales promotions & automatically replenish stores.

An all-in-one cloud based ERP system, built for mid-size businesses and managing all business units from sales to warehouse and finance. MYOB Advanced is flexible, scalable and can facilitate the more complex business requirements.


With a powerful production module Unleashed is good fit for food and beverage producers, light manufacturers, importers and distributors. Manage the cost of production and view inventory in real time while easily viewing your product margins.


Affordable centralised inventory, POS and B2B sales software to manage all your commerce channels. Track production costs and make more informed purchasing decisions. Split and drop ship channel orders for greater shipping flexibility.


Specialised inventory management for e-commerce. Closely integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Amazon providing strong visibility across all channels. Built in B2B Portal to help scale up your wholesale channel.

Fitting the right system to your business

The first step to take before embarking on the implementation of an inventory solution is to clearly define the rationale behind this decision. Things you should consider will relate to your current system and whether it can foster your business needs now and into the future. You should also consider your processes within your current system and whether they support your staff.

Given that most inventory solutions will handle core business processes well, the key to selection lies at the fringes – these are the functions specific to your industry or business. Keep in mind that you’re not looking for the product with the most impressive features, you are looking for a system that provides a solution to your requirements. We can provide this unbiased view on the options available.

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