Tools of the trade for the connected B2B sales rep

Empower your sales force with the tools and insights to close more deals faster. From integrated apps designed for order entry on the road, to fully bespoke CRM and pipeline/opportunity management systems. Give your reps the visibility to see what customers are engaged, and which ones might need a visit.

Zoho CRM is a fully featured CRM and pipeline management system that can be extensively customised to fit your sales process. We have developed integrations into the various cloud ERP solutions we work with to feed in product, sales, stock and account data.

Zoho Bigin provides a stepping stone for small businesses away from spreadsheets and into effective pipeline management. Track all customer interactions in a single unified platform, and manage opportunities through multiple pipelines.

Prospect CRM touts itself as the stock-aware CRM integrating with Unleashed. A step up from contact management systems, Prospect will sync your contacts, product data and stock allowing your reps insight into their territory.

Give your reps the tools they need to win more deals

An effective CRM solution is the key to success in the B2B sales game. A properly configured CRM system is built around your business and it’s sales process, and offers reps the tools to manage their opportunity pipeline at scale. A CRM system allows reps to fully map out their accounts, as well as documenting their interactions with each contact within the organisation.

Integrating your CRM solution to your inventory system takes it to a new level. Making your CRM solution stock-aware allows reps to visualise their territory and the activity within it. Being able to easily identify customers that are dropping off means reps can act quickly to market-forces and add value to their accounts to bring them back on board.

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Optimise and supercharge your sales process with business intelligence

Consolidating all of the data from your CRM and other systems allows you to visualise your sales process to find areas for improvement. Answering questions such as how many advertising touches did it take for each customer to buy and what kind of sales interactions led them to buy will allow you to refine your process to close more deals.

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Robust inventory control to serve as the engine for your sales team

Having an robust inventory system in place allows sales reps to deliver a world-class customer experience. Integrating inventory with CRM gives sales reps the full picture of products, pricing and stock levels to allow them to make decisions on their feet.

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How can ALTSHIFT help me?

Our range of services include systems review and selection, digital transformation strategies, complex data migration, implementation, project management, integration and support. We’re here to help you get the most out of your software investment.

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