Xero is retiring WorkflowMax in June 2024

Xero add-on software for construction companies

We can help you evaluate and compare WorkflowMax replacement options that are designed specifically for the trade services and construction industry.


Construction management software made for builders, carpenters, engineers and landscapers. Like-for-like quoting, job management and invoicing solution with a strong focus on job milestones and profitability.

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Suited to a broad range of trades and construction businesses. Similar to WorkflowMax but easier to use with industry specific terminology, modern user interface, and mobile app. Includes job dispatch and scheduling features.

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Recommended for service based trades such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, maintenance, cleaning and field service businesses. Very different to WorkflowMax with a strong focus on mobility and usability in the field.

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Xero is retiring WorkflowMax in June 2024

Counting down to June 2024...

Give your business time to prepare for the change.

Existing WorkflowMax users should evaluate and consider replacement options in advance of the system closing down next year. Book a consultation with one of our experts today.


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We have a team of cross-trained systems experts that are always on hand to assist. You should expect that our service is more valuable than navigating through this process on your own.