Pipeline-centric CRM built for small businesses

Zoho Bigin provides a user-friendly suite of tools for you to manage your customer relationships and pipeline. Bigin removes the complexity associated with fully-fledged CRM solutions making it easy for it’s users to set up, track day-to-day activities and ultimately grow faster.

Multiple pipelines for sales enablement

Zoho Bigin takes the complexity out of running a CRM by providing a focused view of your sales activity. With the option to create multiple pipeline with fully independent stages, Bigin empowers sales reps to run their distinct sales approaches inside the CRM. Provide reps with a high-level view of their sales activity in the most visually engaging way.

Customised fields to store the information your business cares about

With extensive customisation opportunities, Bigin will allow you to configure custom fields to ensure that you are collecting and reporting upon the correct information across your deals, products, companies and clients.


Integrated business systems that keep your products moving, information flowing and your customers satisfied.