Ship smarter and grow faster with StarShipIt

Delivery more products to more people with fulfilment automation that does all the heavy lifting

StarShipIt is a standalone freight and courier platform that seamlessly integrates with the providers you already use. Leverage powerful automation to streamline your dispatch operation.

Intelligent inventory solutions to help you scale

A competent inventory management solution is vital to any product business. From managing stock across multiple warehouses, 3PLs, retail locations and selling on multiple channels, through to purchasing and managing orders. A cloud ERP solution keeps it all under one roof and enables you to scale. Integrate StarShipIt into your cloud ERP solution to supercharge your dispatch and fulfilment.

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How can ALTSHIFT help me?

Our range of services include systems review and selection, digital transformation strategies, complex data migration, implementation, project management, integration and support. We’re here to help you get the most out of your software investment.

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