We frequently find ourselves being asked about the risks of AI & small business, and it’s certainly not only our clients who are worried; a recent Xero report found that 80% of small businesses globally are concerned about the impact the rise of AI will have.

What Small Businesses Are Worried About:

The key concerns are whether AI development and adoption will outpace regulation, commoditise services, and ultimately take more and more jobs away from hardworking humans. But, as we tell our clients, it’s important to understand that AI is not some new and terrifying digital development; it’s been around for a long time. Machine learning dates back to the 1970s, and the algorithms have been around for many years; we’re just seeing AI more prominently now because computing power has increased.

5 Benefits of AI for Small Business

  1. The automation of routine tasks allows businesses to optimise their processes and reallocate human resources to a more impactful area.
  2. AI enhances task efficiency with rapid uptake and minimal training needs, enabling businesses to integrate advanced tech more easily.
  3. Workers are more empowered and job satisfaction is increased with AI’s removal of manual and remedial tasks.
  4. Automation is cost-effective; with technology’s efficiencies, operational expenses can be vastly reduced and budgets can be freed up for more strategic investments.
  5. Businesses can acquire additional and diverse skills cost-effectively through AI technologies and their augmentation of human capabilities, ultimately building themselves a competitive edge.

5 of our Favourite AI Tools:


Positioned for the next generation of business leaders, this platform aims to humanise the interaction between people and data. It uses conversational AI to help empower decision making.


This AI-driven finance assistant is clear that it wants to “not let AI replace accountants and bookkeepers”; instead it’s designed to help small businesses complete “the admin you don’t want to do”.

Zia (by Zoho):

Zia bills itself as the AI-powered assistant for business. Developed by Zoho, it’s embedded in their suite of applications and strives to enhance productivity by automating tasks, offering insights and facilitating smarter business operations.


This enterprise player, which counts juggernauts like Canon and EY as customers, is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) platform that leverages AI to complete repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.


Promising users “get four hours back every week”, this is an AI-powered platform that aims to revolutionise the way we communicate through email. The high-performing teams it counts as clients include Netflix, Harvard University, Spotify and many others.