Charities frequently exist on limited resources and budgets, so it can be a real challenge to keep up with digital advancements. We invest heavily in the Not For Profit space because we believe that the missions of these vital organisations should never be compromised by outdated systems.

7 Ways Technology Helps Not-For-Profits:

1. Governance

NFPs have a strong need for compliance, recording, reporting and transparency; processes made exponentially easier through modern platforms.

2. Cost Saving

Technology can help any organisation do more with less – charities can then reallocate budgets from operations to activating their actual missions.

3. Connection

Contemporary digital systems enhance the CX experience, building trust and credibility while minimising friction for donors, recipients, staff and volunteers.

4. Visibility

The NFP landscape can be competitive; charities need to keep up with their peers to remain in front of their donors.

5. Compatibility

NFPs need to be compatible with the cashless society we’re moving towards for many reasons: attracting the next generation of donors, lessening the administrative burden of physical currency, transparency, and convenience, to name a few.

6. Resource

Technology can help fill gaps in resources, which in the context of NFPs means more money and less reliance on staff and volunteers.

7. Automation

Automation can enhance productivity, reduce the risk of human error, save costs and set the charity up for scalable growth.

Where do we come in?

We’re proud to have helped a number of NFPs on their digital transformation journeys. With Fred Hollows, we implemented inventory, accounting and reporting systems to support international operations; at KidsCan, we conducted a finance review, ultimately bringing the function back in-house with new finance and admin systems; and, we focused on efficiencies and introduced state-of-the-art finance and payroll systems at the Burnett Foundation.

The work we do with NFPs is some of our most rewarding because we know that charities that leverage technology are better positioned to stay relevant, reach a wider audience and respond effectively to evolving challenges. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.