The Time is Now: The Power of Digital Transformation

In a world where business applications and automations have advanced further than ever before, a holistic approach to digital transformation is often essential for businesses operating on outdated legacy systems.  There are a myriad of reasons why businesses are so positively impacted by making the switch; we look at three of the key ones below:


1. Cloud integration

This is the number one advantage of a digital transformation. The clue is in the name: cloud integration takes multiple platforms - from sales and customer service, to operations and logistics, to finance and accounts - and integrates them. In simple terms, the systems talk to one another.


2. Staff wellbeing

An integrated digital solution gives insight, transparency, and visibility across all departments, which positively impacts staff productivity and well-being. Clients we’ve led through these transformations report reduced staff stress levels, decreased burnout, and lessened pressure on staff. You can imagine how errors are reduced as many time consuming processes become automated, which naturally instills confidence and a more positive work environment.


3. Scalable growth

A digital transformation is proven to enhance data security, maximise supply chain efficiencies, revise energy consumption, support compliance, minimise risk and generate customer insights. Ultimately, it brings the business into the ‘now,’ driving its accessibility and compatibility, and optimising it for success in today’s digital-first landscape.

The most effective digital transformations are led by trusted partners with expertise spanning various disciplines like ERP, CRM and ECOM. Unlike some of the other players in the space, we firmly believe that partners should remain technology-neutral, giving them the ability to analyse the unique needs of each business before offering a tailored solution. At ALTSHIFT, we take this one step further with a team of in-house developers who are able to fine-tune customisation to the point where we can (and do!) create bespoke apps.



We appreciate that many operators feel overwhelmed by the idea of transforming all of the software across their business; with never ending to-do lists, it can be hard to imagine finding the time and energy to get started. That’s where we come in; BDO has powered ALTSHIFT to give businesses the ability to outsource the digital transformation process.

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries, successfully guiding digital transformation journeys for companies like RUBY, Medi Foods and Black Magic Tackle. We lead every step of the process, from initial analysis and solution recommendations, to migration and integration, to staff training and technical support. If you’re interested, email me on and let’s catch up for a coffee to discuss.

Shipping automation: The key to unlock your growth

The following guest blog post is written by one of our software partners, Starshipit. Have a read below to learn about the benefits of using the Starshipit platform for eCommerce and what it could mean for your business. For more information about integration options and the upsides, see our co-authored blog post on their website here.

Summary: We’re Starshipit, and we help online retailers turn shipping from one of their brand’s low points, to be as great as everything else they do. How do we do this? Through a powerful shipping and fulfilment platform that gives retailers the tools to take control of their shipping – and deliver better experiences for their customers.

The landscape of eCommerce is always evolving, with customer expectations in particular shifting at a more rapid pace than ever before.

Recently, we've seen a significant transformation in how customers interact with online retail. Now more than ever, they’re prioritising convenience, speed, and reliability. This shift in consumer behavior has become a driving force for retailers to adapt and innovate when it comes to their fulfilment strategies.

With studies showing that eCommerce sales are expected to account for 20.8% of retail sales worldwide this year alone, this suggests a steady increase in the preference for online shopping, and an opportunity for retailers to optimise for growth.

For retailers selling products through eCommerce channels, this really means one thing – to remain competitive, they’ll need to focus both on how they sell effectively through these channels, and how they get orders out to customers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how a shipping automation platform (like ours) can solve the major fulfilment challenges that come with running a modern eCommerce business, and how you can get started today.

Overcoming the time sink of manual shipping processes

Shipping is almost universally a time-intensive task for retail businesses. Manual jobs such as printing shipping labels and assigning couriers is a time sink for everyone involved, and there's room for human error.

Starshipit solves this by automating the admin. Equipped with Starshipit, retailers can easily automate each step of the fulfilment process, such as generating shipping labels, packing slips, manifests, and submitting customs documentation. This is particularly useful for businesses shipping from store, as store staff can easily operate Starshipit to fulfil orders.

Centralised fulfilment dashboard

Efficiency and visibility are key elements in fulfilment, which is why having one centalised dashboard is essential. Starshipit offers just that – a single, intuitive platform where you can manage every aspect of your shipping and fulfilment process.

This unified approach not only streamlines operations but also provides clear insights, reporting and control over your entire fulfilment workflow, ensuring efficiency and consistency in every order you ship.

Got a store? Ship from it

'Ship from store' is emerging as an innovative way to speed up delivery and cut costs. It turns your stores into mini distribution hubs, so you can send orders from the closest store to your customer. This means faster delivery and less spent on shipping.

With Starshipit, setting up 'ship from store' is easy. Our platform works seamlessly with your existing systems, like Shopify and Magento, ensuring a smooth transition of orders from online to in-store fulfilment. It's a simple change that makes a big difference for your customers and for growing your business.

Ability to negotiate and use your own courier rates

When you first start out, it can be tempting to go with a shipping provider who offers set rates. After all, it's another time-saver, right? There’s actually little more to it. So-called aggregators can often sting you with per-label fees for using your own carriers, which can quickly add up when you’re moving high volumes. Here’s how we’re different:

Starshipit focuses on offering best-in-class shipping technology, not on making money off shipping rates. Our goal is to empower your business, allowing you to save on shipping costs without worrying about per-label charges or restrictive rate plans.

We encourage you to build your own relationships with couriers. This approach enables you to negotiate more competitive rates directly, fostering a shipping strategy that scales with your business and enhances customer experiences.

Flexible and powerful rules engine

Imagine being able to automatically sort orders as they come in by rules that you create, all within a matter of minutes. The Starshipit rules engine can automate your dispatch process in a way that works for you. You can reduce clicks in your warehouse, assign specific couriers, automate special requests and more. You can also manage orders based on parameters and conditions that you define, like weight, size, and SKU.

Leveraging a powerful tech stack

For the satisfaction of your customers and the growth of your business, it's essential to have seamless communication in your tech stack. Starshipit's automation software lets you connect to a range of powerful platforms, including Cin7, Xero, Unleashed and more.

The partnership between ALTSHIFT and Starshipit means you can streamline your operations. Build an end-to-end tech solution that enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and leads to a better customer delivery experience, setting the stage for scalable growth.

Get started with Starshipit

Starshipit is the best practice shipping and fulfilment platform that helps retailers save time and deliver great shipping experiences.

Getting started is easy. To start, simply create your account and start your 30-day free trial. Then, connect your platforms and couriers (we support all the major ones). With some other minor setup admin out of the way, you’ll be good to go! And, if you have any trouble at all with setup, our team will be standing by and ready to help you out.

Want to learn more? Just head over to the Starshipit website!