With a huge up take of Xero these days many clients are taking the next step to further automate their systems. Although Xero itself has some basic ‘approval’ functions, often this is not enough for a business complex approval workflow.

Examples include:

Branch managers only want to approve bills for their own branch
Managers or CFO’s need to approve bills over a certain limit
Requiring more than one person to approve a bill
Having an approval delegate when a manager is on leave
Sending automated reminders to managers when they bills to approve
Or any combination of the above!
With a tool like ApprovalMax, businesses using Xero can have these complex approval workflows and digitize them for the modern era, keeping a digital audit trail and removing unnecessary paper and printing from the process.

Furthermore tools like Receiptbank remove the data entry from the beginning of the process (receiving the bill and have it auto-entered into the accounting system with appropriate coding).

With the 2 combined processes moved into the cloud, you have digitized the entire accounts payable process from start to end!